This is a web page about the visit of MySQL people and other engineers during the week of May 19-23. The address of the Prague office is: The Park, Building 3, street V Parku 2308/8, Prague - Chodov (pron. khodov). To get there from the airport, take a taxi. To get there from Prague center, take the metro line C (red) to station Chodov, or take a taxi.

The NetBeans team is on the 2nd floor, however visitors usually do not have their badge activated for the 2nd floor. You should ask at the reception to let you take the elevator to the 4th floor, where the Sun reception is (the reception downstairs is the property owner's reception, not Sun reception). At the Sun reception, you can get a loaner badge that works for the 2nd floor. You can use this badge while your own badge is being activated for the 2nd floor.


Name From To Note
Arseniy Kuznetsov May 19 May 23 NetBeans, Director of Engineering
Petr Jiricka May 19 May 23 NetBeans, Eng Manager for PHP, Ruby and base Java web tier in NetBeans
Petr Pisl May 19 May 23 NetBeans, TechLead for PHP and Java web tier in NetBeans
John Treacy May 20 May 23 NetBeans, Engineering Director for Web, Database and Scripting
Patrik Backman May 19 May 19 MySQL, Director of Software Engineering
Mike Zinner May 19 May 20 MySQL, Team Lead Developer Tools - GUI Tools (MySQL Workbench and other)
Georg Richter May 19 May 20 MySQL, Development Manager Connectors & Client Connectivity - all Connectors incl. Java, PHP Core Contributor
Johannes Schlüter May 20 May 20 MySQL, Software Engineer - PHP, PHP 5.3 Release Manager
Ulf Wendel May 19 May 20 MySQL, Senior Software Engineer - PHP
David Van Couvering May 19 May 22 NetBeans, Database Tooling Architect/Lead
Andrei Badea May 19 May 22 NetBeans, Database Tooling Developer
Barbara Mityashina May 19 May 23 NetBeans for PHP, technical writer
Kaj Arnö May 19 May 20 VP Community Relations, Ambassador to Sun
Ludovic Champenois May 19 May 22 OpenSolaris AMP stack. GlassFish/NetBeans integration.
Pavel Buzek May 19 May 22 NetBeans Architect
Wen Huang May 19 May 22 NetBeans Product Manager
Pavel Suk May 19 May 19 Site Director, Prague Engineering Center
Martin Balin May 19 May 23 Director, NetBeans Quality & Build Engineering
Abhijit Kumar May 19 May 22 Manager, GlassFish v3


Time Meeting title Room Attendees Note
10-11:30 am Introduction Alexandria Arseniy, Tomas Mysik, Tomasz Slota, Radek Matous, Petr Pisl, Petr Jiricka, Ulf Wendel, Patrik Backman, Georg Richter, Barbara Mityashina Ludovic Champenois, David Van Couvering, Mike Zinner, Andrei Badea, Wen Huang Also clarifying the schedule
13:00 - 14:00 Meeting w/ Pavel Suk + local managers Sahara+Gobi (1st floor) Kaj Arno, Patrik Backman, Mike Zinner, Georg Richter + local managers Brainstorm idaes about further cooperation
14:00 - 15:30 PHP, MySQL, NetBeans Alexandria Barbara Mityashina Ludovic Champenois Discussion about the integration
15:30 - 17:00 MySQL teams serving developers Alexandria Ulf Wendel, Petr Pisl, Patrik Backman, Georg Richter, Ludovic Champenois, David Van Couvering, Andrei Badea, Mike Zinner, Wen Huang Overview and plans of the Connectors and GUI team
9:30 - 12:00 Workbench/NetBeans Db Tooling Integration Giza David Van Couvering, Andrei Badea, Wen Huang, Mike Zinner, (Pavel Buzek?), John Treacy, Arseniy Kuznetsov In-depth technical discussion of how we might share and integrate. See this page for a strawman set of use cases
10:30 - 11:30 PHP 5.3 and 6.0 Babylon Petr Pisl, Johannes Schlüter, Ulf Wendel, Georg Richter Ludovic Champenois, Wen Huang New features
13:30 - 15:00 Greg Papadopoulos all hands 4th floor meeting area
15:00 - 16:00 PHP, MySQL, NetBeans Gobi Discussion about the integration
15:00 - 16:00 DB Tooling next steps (if needed) Alexandria Mike Zinner, David Van Couvering, Andrei Badea, Wen Huang, John Treacy
10:00 - 12:00 DB tooling for Ruby Giza David Van Couvering, Erno Mononen, Andrei Badea, Petr Jiricka

Conference rooms

The following conference rooms are reserved.

Monday 9am - 2pm Alexandria
Monday 9am - 2pm Babylon
Monday 10:30am - 5pm Giza
Monday 1pm - 3pm Olympia
Monday 3pm - 5pm Alexandria
Tuesday 9am - 2pm Giza
Tuesday 9am - 1pm Olympia
Tuesday 10am - 3pm Babylon
Tuesday 12pm - 6:30pm Alexandria
Tuesday 2:30pm - 4pm Gobi (1st floor)

Travel details

Name Arrival Departure Note
John Treacy 18.05 23.05 1:15p
Ludovic Champenois 18.05 23.05 LUFTHANSA 3260 arrives 1:15 PM
Patrik Backman 18.05. 19.05. TBD
Georg Richter 18.05. 21.05. TBD
Mike Zinner 18.05. 17:50 20.05. 21:00 Tentative flight VIE-PRG-VIE (Austrian Airlines 709 / Austrian Airlines 712)
Johannes Schlüter 19.05. 19:00 21.05. 11:50 MUC (Swiss 3623 - Swiss 1498) - PRG - HAM (Lufthansa 3227)
Ulf Wendel 18.05. 19:00 21.05. 11:50 HAM (Swiss 1057 - Swiss 1498) - PRG - HAM (Lufthansa 3227)
Barbara Mityashina 17.05 24.05 Arr 08:40am Sat May 17.05, Dep 09:40 Sat May 24.05
Pavel Buzek 19.05 23.05 LH Arr 1:15pm Mon, Dep 6:15am Fri
David Van Couvering Czech Air 649 May 19 at 12:15am Czech Air 648 May 22 at 9:15pm
Abhijit Kumar 17.05 23.05 LH arr 1:15 PM, Dep 6:15 AM
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