Maven support for 6.7 planning tasks


testing status


move to standard distro

P0 Distribute to various clusters DONE

Individual modules must be included in clusters of the functionality they support. This move will happen right at the moment of integration of Maven into the standard build.

connected developer

  • P1 connected developer
  • storing all information relevant to Kenai into parent/root pom file in the correct Maven format
  • deployment vehicle for Kenai?
  • could also include tools on maven-level, not IDE integration itself


  • P1 /M1/ Compile of Save 100% DONE
  • support for Run Project, Run File and Run Test - needed to be on par with Ant projects
  • P1 /M2/ Handling of Java Platform 100% DONE
  • not supported directly yet, only via a hidden property
  • change in UI allowing the user to set Java Platform for the project - the platform will be used for running the Maven for the given execution
  • add JAX-WS library to Maven project 100%
  • WS Client from WSDL creation 100%
  • Client code genaration (Call WS Operation or WS Operation Drag & Drop) 100%
  • WS Configuration
  • P2 /M2/ libraries in IDE to have maven-pom volume (discussion with Java team and J2EE team needed) DONE
  • all libraries referenced by a maven project must be mavenized
  • libraries already present in central maven repository are easy handled
  • problem with 3rd party libraries without existing maven metadata - owner of the library should be asked to cooperate to include the correct version in central maven repository
  • P2 /M2/ test single method DONE for M3 - only the 'compile on save' version
  • has to be written in a similar way as for Ant projects to be on par
  • P2 /M2/ profile single file/test (Profiler team)
  • has to be written in a similar way as for Ant projects to be on par
  • profile single file 100% DONE
  • profile single test 100% DONE
  • P2 /M3/ Swing Application Framework (LCT team) DONE
  • not existing project template/archetype for SAF DONE
  • fix wrong placement of resource files in Matisse - has to be separate from java source tree in Maven projects DONE
  • SAF libraries in Maven repo in the right version? DONE
  • extra UI for SAF app - project configuration panels SKIP
  • P3 /M3/ Test output window. (with Alexei's team) 75% DONE for m3
  • either creating API/SPI for test output window (and using it for native Maven test output) or improving Ant logger hack (simulating Ant output)
  • current status: waiting for API
  • P3 compilation panel 75% done
  • additional configuration UI as in Ant projects (CoS, debug info, deprecation properties, additional arguments)
  • P3 javadoc panel SKIP
  • additional configuration UI as in Ant projects (introducing UI for properties which had to be written manually in pom.xml so far)
  • P3/P4 JPA (DB team?) DONE
  • improving existing maven.persistence module
  • enabling all file templates related to JPA
  • implement SPIs for Maven projects
  • P3/P4 webstart panel SKIP
  • webstart maven plugin exists but not sure about its stability and features
  • adding configuration UI
  • P3/P4 groovy integration SKIP
  • configuration UI
  • place new files in correct locations (separate source roots)
  • adapting to GSF rewrite
  • P3/P4 scala integration SKIP
  • configuration UI
  • place new files in correct locations (separate source roots)
  • adapting to GSF rewrite


  • P1 /M2/ project archetypes/templates that suit our technologies. (with J2EE team) DONE
  • problem of existing archetypes is mostly J2EE spec version (mostly 1.3)
  • need archetypes for J2EE 1.4, 1.5, 1.6 for Web, EJB and EAR projects - DONE
  • show these archetypes in the list in New Project on a preferred position - DONE
  • equip web project with necessary libraries (javax.servlet, javax.jsp) DONE
  • implement target server selection in project wizard - skipped, as it is against maven philosophy, target server is chosen during first operation that needs it (run, deploy...)
  • add JAX-WS library to Maven project 100%
  • WS Client from WSDL creation 100%
  • Client code genaration (Call WS Operation or WS Operation Drag & Drop) 100%
  • Web Service detection (based on @WebService annotations) 100%
  • WS from WSDL creation: auto-generation of WS implementation class)
  • WS Configuration
  • P2 /??/ general work on Ejb/Ear (J2EE team) 90% DONE
  • complete review of current implementation in maven.j2ee module
  • adding more interface implementations
  • stabilization of deployment
  • never tested with all appserver combinations
  • P2 /??/ Deploy on save (J2EE team) 80% DONE
  • P2 /??/ profile webapps/ear apps. (Profiler and J2EE teams)
  • write from scratch - no support in J2EE area in Maven for profiling yet
  • This needs an API change in the j2eeserver module
  • API change passed review
  • Profiling web applications 100% done
  • Profiling ejb applications 100% done
  • Profiling ear applications - integration implemented; waiting for the maven support
  • P3 customizer panels (Run)
  • review existing customization UI and add more to be on par with Ant projects
  • P3 javascript SKIP
  • identify javascript libraries in Maven repositories
  • modify project's pom file to include javascript library
  • javascript panel in UI customizer
  • review maven.gsf for use with javascript
  • P3/P4 visual web interoperability - #129103 (VW team) SKIP
  • still relevant?


  • P1 /M3/ stabilize nbm-maven-plugin and release a first stable version (was only experimental so far)DONE
  • update archtypes (module and platform based app)DONE
  • implement enhancements related to app setup, building and deployment (e.g. branding, javahelp, webstart)
  • write documentation
  • P1 /M3/ create and maintain stable maven repository with NetBeans Platform/IDE artifacts DONE
  • hosted on servers? -
  • support at least for 6.5, 6.7, ...
  • P2 /M3/ review all file templates
  • make sure all APIsupport templates and wizards work
  • P2 /M3/ branding panel
  • configuration UI to be on par with Ant ApiSupport
  • P3 adding modules/excluding modules from Platform in a simplified way
  • filtering out Platform modules in a special view for adding/excluding from the app
  • P3 general settings panel

maven specific

  • P1 /M3-for beta/ documentation
  • P1 /M2/ usability and workflow improvements DONE
  • changes in UI based on UI review - DONE remaining things will be filled as bugs
  • P1 /M1/ xam based model for better code editing support 100% DONE
  • prerequisite for other editor features and also customizer I guess
  • P2 /M1/ add dependency dialog improvement, instant querying of maven repositories, support for dependencyManagement section, version conflicts detection 100% DONE
  • P2 /M3/ navigator view for pom.xml 100% DONE
  • an aggregated merged view of the resolved POM over the current pom.xml, hyperlinks to places (parent poms) where the data is declared. see easily what gets overridden in current pom
  • P2 /M2/ build with dependencies 90% DONE
  • find out where to start the action (could be higher in the inheritance tree)
  • make use the maven-reactor-plugin to improve multiproject building experience
  • relevant to all maven projects (j2se, j2ee, apisupport)
  • P2 /M3/ dependency resolution modeling
  • indication and resolution of problems/clashes in library versions 30% DONE (version clashes warnings in add dependency dialog done - mkleint: not entirely the same, here it means clashes and problems in transitive dependency resolution)
  • related to Libraries panel in project customizer
  • P3 /M2/ Insert Code (Alt-Insert) ...
  • infrastructure - DONE
  • insert dependency, uses new dependency panel, adds to correct POM sections DONE
  • insert transitive dependency exclusion DONE
  • insert profile DONE
  • insert repository - not sure it's worth the effort - mkleint
  • insert plugin definition (+- plugin execution)
  • insert mirror in settings.xml file DONE
  • P3/P4 refactoring/hints 50% DONE
  • infrastructure - DONE
  • e.g. plugin definition move to pluginManagement section
  • e.g. dependency definition move to dependencyManagement section


  • P??? osgi
  • P3 project fuji requirements? (with SOA team)
  • to be discussed with SOA team later
  • REST services in Maven projects
  • REST service creation
  • Rest service recognition in Maven project
  • Rest Client in Maven ?
  • JAXB wizard in Maven project
  • JAX-RPC services (UC) in Maven Project
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