Maven Projects support plan for NetBeans 6.8


The following work is scoped for 2 full-time engineers for 2 milestones of 6.8:

P1 - #1 -Java EE 6 related changes (M2 - Milos) DONE

  • new JEE 6 archetype and project customization
  • any changes needed to support EE 6 spec changes
  • give help to Java EE team ( JEE6Integration) but the work needed directly in Web/EE modules will have to be done by Java EE team (both for Ant and Maven at the same time)

P1 - #2 - Improved handling of misconfigured projects (M2 - dafe) DONE

  • web/j2ee projects without a server configuration defined

( the simplest solution is to allow the user to write the server setting also to subprojects when they are setting it to the superproject).

P2 - #3 - Enabling common settings for more projects in corporate setups (M1) DONE

P2 - #4 - User feedback (M1 - milos, dafe) __DONE

  • Compile on Save DONE
  • Avoid putting absolute paths in configurations files, resolve IDE's Global Variables (Tools/Variables) in maven execution configurations. DONE
  • evaluation of the VOC from users after 6.7

P2 - #5 - Advanced configuration of the IDE (Connected Developer features) (M2 - needs cooperation from kenai team) PARTIALLY DONE

  • Kenai projects - write to POM when creating, updating kenai projects (mailing lists, CI, SCM, Site, DistributionManagement, Bug tracking, License) (M2 - dafe) MavenKenaiInteraction68 DONE
  • write CI info to POM already works in 6.7 - JesseGlick
  • (P3) use POM's checkstyle configuration to bootstrap IDE's formatting rules. (always use the correct basic formatting, without any manual intervention, useful for projects like Apache etc.) (milos) DONE


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