Missing Extension or Plugin with Extensions

This error can show up in your IDE when loading (opening) your Maven project. It will prevent you from working with the project and therefore needs to be fixed immediately. This page suggests the known causes for the error and possible solutions. The problem can be traced to your project's POM or one of its parents.

  • Make sure you are online. Once you are, click the Reload project action.
  • If that did not help, check that you define the proper remote repositories to download the Extension or Plugin and that the remote repositories are accessible.
  • Sometimes the Extension or Plugin is part of the same group of projects and is supposed to be built before your projects when building the complete set of projects. In this case you can simply run that build and then Reload project; but ideally you should extract the artifacts needed for the build process and build, develop, and version them separately. Also deploy the released build artifacts to one of your repositories for use by the rest of the projects.
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