Interaction between Maven and Kenai projects in 6.8

Update POM when sharing Maven project on Kenai

  • Use case: The user has her/his Maven project and wants to publish it on Kenai. "Share on Kenai" action is invoked and wizard appears. After successful creation of project on Kenai, Maven Kenai support will show dialog to the user asking if she/he wants to update POM with Kenai project info (or we simply add check box, which is selected by default, to the wizard)
  • Impl thoughts: Create KenaiPomUpdater callback with method update(KenaiProject), which will be called by "Share on Kenai" wizard.

Update POM from Kenai project info on demand

  • Use case: Maven project exists inside Kenai project and the user wants to pass information from Kenai project to Maven POM. The user right-clicks on pom.xml editor or pom.xml node in explorer and chooses "Update from Kenai". Global progress bar will show progress of pom.xml being updated, as kenai calls will take some time.
  • Impl thoughts: Get instance of KenaiProject (using KenaiProject.forRepository) and share code of updating with user case above. What if user is not logged into Kenai? Show login dialog probably and then repeat.
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