Plugin to control when the NetBeans IDE reacts to changes and when it ignores them. Useful addition to compile on save with additional user actions - by putting the IDE into suspended mode, one can perform (and finish) command line operations and only then turn the IDE on.

The code for the plugin is in main/contrib repository. The plugin can be downloaded from media:Org-netbeans-modules-masterfs-suspend.nbm‎ and installed (Tools/Plugins/Downloaded) into NetBeans 8.0, 8.1, 8.2.

The next version of NetBeans may contain the action in "Performance" toolbar (which is hidden by default, so right click the toolbar area to enable it) - see Issue 270133.


After installation a new icon appears in the toolbar which one can click to suspend the automatic refresh done by the IDE. Very useful when working with Truffle sources in NetBeans 8.2 and newer.

This module is a handy replacement of previous ScanOnDemand module.

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