Database Team Meeting Minutes for March 27, 2007

Database Iteam 3/27/07 Attendees: John Baker, Jim Davidson, Alexey Butenko, Andrei Badea, Cindy Church, Jayashri Visvanathan, David Van Couvering

John waiting for functionality from Prague. Does Andrei know about these things? What's the status. The tasks that he needs may not be needed for M9. But does require that they need to be done by M9 so he can use it in M10.

John: waiting for task completion from Libor, Stepan and Andrei.

One issue forgot to discuss:

Jim: Is John dependent on the issues assigned to Andrei? John: Yes, for M10, not sure about M9. The project migration task--still needs to write a spec and work with PoTing. Thought we could do migration by solving datasources, but now the requirement is to have a user interface for opening Creator 2 and 5.5 projects. Wants to have a way to migrate user dir settings by getting the context.xml file contents. Need to know what drivers they have. That's the task that Andrei is working on by changing the APIs to get the JDBC drivers. Thinks that when we migrate user dir, we migrate drivers, too. He has to investigate this because he has to mount those in the Services tab. The context.xml has to be parsed to do this. Still working on this.

Andrei's list Busy with metadata model, which is a blocker, so can't to his list items yet, which has to be done for M9. Metadata model is Java EE 5 metadata is expressed in annotations, for example, finding out how many session beans there are. Andrei working on non-database stuff. So, the database enhancements aren't on his list at this time. Andrei's manager is wondering if Jim and John can implement these tasks. Jim says they probably can but not with M9.

For M9, what happens if the three things on Andrei's list aren't done? John may or may not depend on them for M9, but can't answer now. Andrei:One issue is about storing the database connection password. Probably not a stopper for M9 if not available. Another issue 90210 add a database connection--will look at it and can probably do for M9. Looks like a simple fix.

90219 is more difficult because it's an API change and needs change to UI. Could take 3 days to fix. Jim: Consider what's on Andrei's list and how that affects you.

John: Not sure if project migration depends on the 3 issues. 8.2, 8.3, 8.4 are project migration resolving datasource naming are in progress for M9. Sent a revised list yesterday. Estimates that resolving datasoure and datasource naming are M10. Userdir migration is M9.

Jim wants to know what the impact is if it goes to M10? John said that if the other computer doesn't have the drivers or connections from the old project, then they're out of luck. Can add a driver connection by hand, but John's feature automates this. Affects the VWP user who builds on one computer and wants to export to another computer. Feedback on NBusers want to change the name to their choice, but John can't implement that for M9. In 5.5, we generated the datasource name followed by the timestamp. The users want a name that has their company name in the datasource, and we don't provide a way to do that. John needs to update the task list, for M9, will also be substituting the JDBC connection code with NB connection code.

8.1.3 refactor Visual Web for connection. Will be fixed for M9. Added 2 more tasks for M10. Jim: His M9 item is migrate Query Editor to new graph library. Can finish for M9. Mapping from new graph library is pretty direct. Can meet the milestone.

8.5.1 Java 5 versus Java 6 incompatibility issues. 2 approaches: either will work, but a target for M9. The first approach might work. NB support for Java SE 6 is not quite there. Can use 6 compiler but wants source level

5. Deployment is a problem.

A UI review for the visual Query Editor. Dusan gave good changes that could come in for M9 or later. David: Did you (Jim) talk with Dusan about combining the 2 editors? Not yet, but it's beyond what he's working on right now. David--working on rowset. Working on his priorities--demo versus rowset. Now working with Srivajah and web services team, so it's a joint effort. Found some architecture issues. They don't have support for adding high-level business transactions. Also adding ADAM support and JSAW support. Have to happen after JavaOne. The demo is for JavaOne, so it's big. Many people working on this. Doing a competitive analysis. Talking with user research guy to do a survey and find out about database tools and ER diagraming especially. For the rowset stuff, has a new spec out and ask for approval. Finally got NB to build on latest build. Not compiling yet. Pointing to unit tests for dataprovider. For M9, no rowsets. More like M10 or M11.

Jayashri said that M10 might be feature freeze. If possible get everything into M9 or at least M10. The M10 date is end of May. Jayashri: Talked to Petr about interdependencies. Datasource alignment is big. Libor and Stephan should finish for M9, but not Andrei. Wants a list of must haves for Andrei. Push for M10 or not do it at all. Anything from Petr's team is a must have. Trying to get things into M9, but M10 is a possibility. Try to get everything into M9. David: Sent email about twiki page for notes.

Jayashri: Should move to external NB database alias. Once it's active, people will join.

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