Work flow for migration of exception reports to Issuezilla

The document describes workflow of the web console for report exception projects.The exceptions are reported directly from IDE by users and stored in external database. These exceptions should be manually migrated to existing bug reporting system Issuezilla (IZ) by QA engineers.

How this migration could be processed?

  • Every engineer (group) is responsible for his/her reports that are reported for components that he is responsible for testing.
  • Cons: Bug income is higher for some core components and we can expect that engineers that are responsible for these components should process more reports then others.
  • Pros: Overload is distributed in the whole team, engineers can know whether this report is reported in IZ or not, also they can know whether the component is assigned correctly
  • Migration duty: in QE team will be similar process as processing bugs that are reported for ide components. It means there will be weekly duty by particular engineers.


  1. Exception is thrown in NetBeans. User can click on Report problem button and can specify his IZ login (login is not required now, anonymous is used for empty login), write steps, change a description of the report. Click to Send button and the report is sent to server and saved in database.
  2. The basic algorithm that verify whether the exception is reported is performed and in case duplicate report is find then is assigned as duplicate report and user is informed about this. He can add additional comment via browser in this report.
 Add comment
 Also, IZ subcomponent and component are assigned according to jar file where exception was thrown.
  1. Let's to describe how QA engineers will work with application:
    1. They use the list of reports that are not mapped to existing IZ issues, unmapped list
 Unmapped lin
    1. Order the reports by number of duplicates and the latest build where the was reported
    2. Check the assigned component/subcomponent
    3. Query IZ database try to find existing issue for this report, specify issue number in report detail or create new IZ issue directly from exception form
 Migrate report
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