Main Project - Conceptual Change UI specification

Note: hand in hand with this effort goes a reorganization of main menu items for 6.5

In relation to Compile On Save and along the line of adopting new programming languages and technologies such as Ruby & PHP, following change of the main project concept is planned:

  • having a main project will no longer be mandatory
  • if there will be no main project, following actions will act as their contextually sensitive counterparts. This means that their name will also change to reflect the current absence of the main project. However, shortcuts will remain.
  • Build Main Project -> Build Project
  • Clean and Build Main Project -> Clean and Build Project
  • Batch Build Main Project -> Batch Build Project
  • Run Main Project -> Run Project
  • Debug Main Project -> Debug Project
  • Whenever it is not possible to determine project these action should be used at or when a project they would be used at does not support these actions, they should be disabled.
  • The configurations chooser will be available for all projects, yet disabled for those which do not make use of it. Further, it will work with current project (as opposed to current state where it works with main project)
  • Default settings of "Set as Main Project" option in the project wizard (now on for all project types except for UML where the option does not exist at all) will be as follows:
  • off for:
  • PHP Project
  • Ruby Project
  • Rails Project
  • Java Library (no checkbox at all)
  • EJB project (typically exists in the context of an EAR application)
  • UML Project (no checkbox at all)
  • on for all other projects where it is present
  • If the state of "Set as Main Project" option in the project wizard is changed, it should be remembered per project type. (I.e., if a user checkes the checkbox for a Ruby project, it should be remembered for the next start of the Ruby project wizard but it should not affect remembered state for other project types.)
  • The default setting of "Open as main project" in the open project dialog should be off, but state of this option should be persistent (remembered).

Thus, users working only with PHP/Ruby/Rails/UML projects will (unless they check the "Set as Main Project" option in the project wizard or set a project as main using the contextual menu) and users deliberately having no project set as main will only have access to all above-mentioned actions in their context sensitive versions in both toolbar and main menu.

On the other hands, for users with any project set as main (irrespectively of how this situation occurred) all actions will appear as main-project sensitive.

Having no Main Project

A situation when user has no project set as main can occur by three different scenarios:

  1. No project was ever set as main (this is likely to happen if a user only works with projects having "Set as Main Project" option off by default)
  2. User deliberately chooses to have no project set as main. This can be done via the Set Main Project sub-menu in the Main menu (currently in the File menu, but will be moved into Run main menu soon) where there should be "None" as the very first item.
  3. User closed the main project

These users will see following actions in their menu/toolbars (not necessarily all actions may be visible, depending on IDE distribution):

  • Build Project
  • Clean and Build Project
  • Batch Build Project
  • Run Project
  • Debug Project

These actions will be assigned the same shortcuts as current main project sensitive actions.

Having a Main Project

User who do have a main project will, instead of the contextually sensitive actions (Build Project, Clean and Build Project, Run Project...) will see main project sensitive actions, i.e.:

  • Build Main Project
  • Clean and Build Main Project
  • Batch Build Main Project
  • Run Main Project
  • Debug Main Project

Shortcuts for these actions do not change and are the same as for the context sensitive actions.

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