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NetBeans TranslatedFiles Community Project


We are happy to have you visit our project, TranslatedFiles -- a community-driven effort to localize NetBeans into languages other than English. Please take a look around and join us in bringing NetBeans to more developers worldwide.

When adding new items (topics, subtopics) to this TF wiki page, use WikiWords beginning with TF<Subtopic> - e.g. TFNb551, TFCredits, TFWishList. For topics linked from the development pages, preface the topic with the NetBeans version. For example, NB65Localization is linked from the NB65 development home. This facilitates searches. Thank you for your consideration.

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Software Localization


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Our Teams

The language teams create their own wiki pages for collaboration. Use this wiki to document translation processes; organize your tasks, and create or disseminate tools, and for documenting terminology and points of language usage, grammar and style.

Best Practices


Other Language Sites

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