About Me

  • Myself, a final year Computer Engineering student at Mumbai University, India.
  • Java - Favorite programming lanaguage.
  • Started digging into JSP,Servlet technologies.

NetBeans and Myself

  • Have programmed in most versions of NetBeans(4.0,5.0,5.5,5.5.1 and now 6.0). It has evolved tremendously.
  • Love programming using NetBeans. Its this IDE that gives an insight about the vastness and the richness of Java Technology while providing support to other programming languages.
  • It has played a big role in installing passion for Java coding in me.


A simple tutorial to create a PicturesExplorer for NetBeans using the NetBeans TopComponent, ExplorerAPI, FileSystemsAPI.


  • Check out feedback here

Currently in Progress

  • none


  • contributed:- Picasaweb inside NetBeans
  • The plugin uses the Picasaweb API and retrieves Picasaweb album summary, links to the album and retrieves photographs for each album. These can be viewed inside the NetBeans window. A basic slideshow functionality has been embedded into the plugin.
  • contributed:- PicturesExplorer
  • For NetBeans users who always have their NetBeans window gazing at them ,it becomes tedious to open another pictures explorer and view your MyPictures Folder in MyDocuments. This plugin exactly does that.



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