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Hello Community Member,

First of all, Welcome to the NetBeans Community Docs Program.
We wish you good luck for the future, as well as, encourage you to join the Program and be a part of the OpenSource Movement.
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Why do I need a Guide?

Our aim is to guide you on how to get started with the NetBeans Wiki environment, which would eventually help you contribute docs more easily than ever before, you can even think of, being a newbie.

Before you go through this Guide, do read how this program got started and why you should contribute...
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How it got started...

  • Launched in March 2007, the Community Docs Program encourages NetBeans users to take an active role in growing the community's knowledge base.
  • It calls on community members to contribute tutorials and screencasts, to answer user FAQs, translate existing documentation into other languages, and much more.
  • Team Members

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Why Contribute?

  • If you want to contribute a documentation to the community, please have a look at the following article, "The NetBeans Community Docs Program Wants You!", before you go any further.
  • This article is the perfect way to start planning about contributing a documentation.

Now, just go through this Guide once, and I assure, that you won't face any problem working with the Wikipages from now onwards.
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  • Click on 'Log in' having a pink background at the top-right corner of the page.
  • Log in page gets opened.
  • See this line below the form present on the Login page, Don't have a password? Join NetBeans Wiki now! .
  • Now, click on 'Join NetBeans Wiki'.
  • Now, you should visit the following link after logging to the NetBeans Wiki, i.e. goto the WikiEtiquette page, to learn some etiquettes for writing docs to the community.

  • There's no harm in following some guidelines and having some etiquettes of the environment, one works in.

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Are you on the User List?

No, don't worry. Just click on the link in the header, above.

Now, assuming that you have simultaneously opened the above page.

Go back to that page and do the following;

  • Click on Edit page, editor opens.
  • Now, look on the top-right corner of the Editor, placed in the centre of the Editing Wiki.
  • You will see a dropdown list of the Editor, two options are there, either select plain or select WikiWizard.
  • WikiWizard -
  • Its a Java Applet.
  • It offers better GUI and text highlighting features.
  • The Editor reloads and shows WikiWizard, now add your name like others have done on that page, i.e., add a line * [Firstname Lastname

Now, save the page, the page reloads and show the updated contents, with a white background.

  • See your name in the list, it would be red-colored, and is underlined with a dotted red line.
  • Its because, that Wikipage doesn't exist and it needs to be created.
  • Click on the link, I mentioned above (red-colored one) and the editor opens in the new page titled as per your name.

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Your Profile

How about telling the Community about yourself?

There's definitely no harm and its another way of getting comfortable with the Wiki.
All the experimentation you want to carry out, do it in your profile.

Have a look at some Text Formatting Rules.

On your page, add some sections as given below, as its your profile on the NetBeans Wiki;

  • About Myself
  • NetBeans and You
  • Your Contributions
  • Work in Progress
  • Any future plans?
  • Reference (optional)
  • Contact

So, this is somewhat a template, for creating a profile.

You may or may not need to follow this template, you may have sections of your choice. This is done to make all the new users to make a profile in a uniform way.
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See some Text Formatting Rules!

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Now, Where To Go?

Before you start

Now, without any further delay, start working on your documentations.
Get Started, by visiting Homepage,

    1. Guidelines For Contributing,
    2. Alias Mailing List

Go Ahead

Select Edit Page on your Profile Wikipage, editor opens, add the following line to name your doc and start working on it.

* [Topic of Your Doc

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Thank You!

I guess at the end of this, you might have got a fair Idea of what is to be done and, you might have got accustomed to the NetBeans Wiki environment as well.

Thanks for following the above instructions, and the one mentioned on the Homepage.
Best of Luck...

With Regards,
NetBeans Community Docs Contributor

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