I am sitting in the office between Tonda Nebuželský and Jarda Tulach.

Mon Sep 15

14.00: Brain dump re: apisupport w/ rmichalsky

16.00: Tonda

Tue Sep 16

10.00: discussion of API CompatibilityPolicy

lunch: Honza Ch.

14.00: AutomaticProjects vs. freeform

evening: Hřebejk

Wed Sep 17

10.00: Maven review (Issue 139835)

11.00: API review for issue Issue 146072 - ProjectManager.mutex semantics

lunch: Trung

14.00: ProjectRunner API review

17.00: apisupport feature planning

Thu Sep 18

10.00: ScriptableIDE w/ jlahoda

lunch: apisupport & Maven w/ mkleint & rmichalsky

14.00: API "Superfund" clean-ups, annotation processors vs. layers

16.30: review of Hg experiences with msandor

18.00: pub

Fri Sep 19


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