TS-5206: Fortress (mostly rehash of presos from years past)

TS-6024: Enterprise-Level Testing Strategies (fascinating discussion of "real-world" problems testing a huge project)

TS-6072: Advanced Enterprise Debugging Techniques (some interesting assorted things)

BOF-6209: Migrating to Maven 2 (mostly pointless)

TS-5866: Project Sailfin (VOIP/SIP stuff, a little dull)

TS-6185: JSR 277 (not very interesting, little discussion of motivation or tricky problems)

TS-6050: JRuby vs. Groovy (OK, nothing all that new)

TS-6316: Transactional Memory (interesting, Intel guys, comparison of software vs. hardware approaches)

TS-6213: Weird Java Language Hacks (very interesting: RIFE continuations, Terracotta, GWT, Android)

BOF-6229 (part): RIFE & Web Continuations (interesting but rushed)

BOF-6180: Class Loaders (a true BOF, not preso; sent private feedback to Karen Kinnear)

BOF-5624: Java Debugging in NB (some nice demos)

TS-5686 (part): NIO (missed section on Filesystems SPI, alas)

TS-6421: Mylyn (excellent presentation, thorough demos)

TS-5122: OSGi Migration (some interesting overview of OSGi, but not much substance regarding migration)

TS-5596: Pimp My Build (from Atlassian; low-level tricks in Ant and Maven)

TS-5622: NB Hg Module (OK, basic demos)

BOF-5101: Groovy Productivity (some nice info on testing idioms)

BOF-5495: Asynch Web (from eBay; interesting but tough to follow)

TS-6048: Complex Event Processing (from Orbitz; very interesting; note Eclipse tool for CEP dataflow design)

TS-4814: Apache MINA (cool API for fast asynch I/O processing; server development for "real programmers")

TS-5729: Automated Heap Dump Analysis (from SAP; fascinating, looks like far more powerful tool than otherwise available, strong Eclipse integration)

TS-6039: Jython Impl (low-level explanation of internals, focus on performance optimization)

TS-6206: JVM on Multicore (all-star presentation to conclude the conference, will probably be relevant for years to come, depressing yet exciting at the same time)

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