Java HintsFest

Java Hints Fest

Possible hints

Hint Name Owner Competiotion
Assignment to itself done
Typos in overriden/implemented methods
Introduce variable if calling method with return type done
Throws null pointer E
Utility class with public constructor done
Utility class without private constructor done
Empty statements done E0
Unnecessary catch
Private class in public signature done
Constructor calls overridable method
Double checked locking done
Field declaration hides another field or variable done
String comparison with == done
Only one overriden (equals/hashcode) done
Access static member via instance reference done
Don't implement @annotation done
Don't import sun.* done
Other importing issues done
Use import static
Unused assignment
Indirect acces to static member E0
Unqualified access to instance field E0
Undocumented empty block E0
Access to non accessible member of an enclosing type E0
Method with a constructor name Ew
Parameter assignment E0
Non externalized strings E0
Serializable class without svID Ew
Assignment has no effect (to itself) Ew
Possible accidental boolean assignment if ( a = b ) E0
finally does not complete normaly Ew
Using char array in string concatenation Ew

Error/Warning fixes

Fix Name Owner Competiotion
Serializable class without serialVersionUID field
Change modifier
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