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NetBeans 6.9

The following JDK7 features are supported in NetBeans 6.9:

  • strings in switch:
    • code completion updated
    • hint converting a cascade of if-elses to switch
  • diamond operator (new LinkedList<>()):
    • warning when the diamond operator is not used and could be, includes fix to remove the superfluous bounds
    • tooltip in hyperlink (Ctrl-point to the identifier) shows inferred bounds
  • java.util.Objects:
    • equals and hashcode generator (Alt-Insert, "equals() and hashCode()") uses j.u.Objects.equals/hashCode if available
  • JSR 292
    • exotic identifiers supported in semantic highlighting, mark occurrences and Go to Declaration
  • suggestion to convert an integer constant to a different radix can also convert to binary literal

NetBeans trunk/7.0

A build with additional JDK7 support can be downloaded here. In addition to the features listed above, this build supports:

  • multicatch
    • code completion works in the multicatch variable declaration
    • hint to join multiple catches into one multicatch if the handling code is the same
    • fix for the error if the multicatch variable is not final
  • automatic resource management
    • currently only parser support
    • "covert to ARM" hint coming soon

Lambda Support

An experimental build of NetBeans that supports closures can be downloaded here. A demo project with the closure syntax can be instantiated from File/New Project.../Samples/Java/Lambda - Map-Reduce Demo

Warning: If a project with lambdas does not run correctly (the VM crashes), please download binary patch and add -Xbootclasspath/p:<path-to>/hs19-b01-jsr292-patch.jar to run.jvmargs in your

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