JavaScript Bundled Libraries

Many third party widget libraries already exist in the industry. Sun, too, offers widget libraries: Project Woodstock and jMaki. This section describes the proposed support for the third party widget libraries in the Ajax integrated development environment and also describes the proposed enhancements to the Woodstock widget library.

The following table lists the possible third party widget libraries. Note that certain third party libraries with non BSD or MIT licenses have not been listed.

Name Version Core or Stable UC License Download size* Debug Size* Production Size*
Yahoo UI 2.5.3 Main BSD 9.5M 2.1M 670K
Project Woodstock 5.0 Main CDDL 2.7M 2.7M 1.1M
jQuery 1.2.3 Main BSD 32K 32K 32K
dojo 1.1.0 Main MIT 5.3M 1.4M 1.8.1 Main MIT 196K 288K
prototype Main MIT 32K 32K
mootools 1.11 Update Center MIT
mochikit 1.3.1 Update Center MIT 312K 88K
Adobe Spry 1.6.1 Update Center BSD 4.9M 600K 440K

Notes: *Download size represents the zip file size downloaded from website of origin. The Debug size represents the unzip'd file containing only widget JavaScript, Cascading Style Sheets, and widget resources. The Production size represents the zip file containing only minified or compressed widget JavaScript, Cascading Style Sheets, and widget resources.

What does it mean to be included in NetBeans? In order for users to make the most of the third party widget libraries, more than just the JavaScript code needs to be included with the Library Manager. Documentation and code samples need to be included as well. Documentation is the minimum. The work involved includes determining how to “package” the docs/samples and code into a NetBeans module which the Library Manager can consume, along with deciding which of the samples should be included. This is dependent on the Library Manager design.

UPDATE: The size of these libraries with all the code samples and documentation (in some cases) has been determined to be too large to include in the NetBeans distro. So for 6.5, only the code will be included. The following table has been updated to reflect this...

Third Party Widget Library Support for NetBeans 6.5

Task ID Description Priority Owner Issuezilla Notes
1 Yahoo UI Library P1 Pete Lebet
2 Woodstock P1 Pete Lebet
3 jQuery P1 Pete Lebet
4 dojo P2 Pete Lebet
5 P2 Pete Lebet
6 Adobe Spry P2 Pete Lebet
7 prototype P3 Pete Lebet
8 mootools P3 Pete Lebet
9 mochikit P3 Pete Lebet

Note that all the above libraries can be included in NetBeans 6.5 with no documentation or samples.

Note that Glassfish and OpenSolaris are both planning on integrating third party widget libraries, thus alignment between all three environments is needed.

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