Usability Review of NetBeans Java ME SVG Composer - draft

This document collects usability problems in SVG Composer. And describes usability improvements suggested for NetBeans 6.7

Usability improvements planned for 6.7

SVG composer Preview

  • Resizing feature
  • DONE(#152946): Use opposite border/corner as scale pivot point
    North-West or South-East corner is now used as pivot point for resizing.
  • Svg transformations
  • DONE(#153444): Do not loose dragging control when mouse reaches border
    Dragging mouse outside of visible image area doesn't stop transformation for the following actions:
  • scale (AKA resize), scale vertically, scale horizontally
  • skew
  • rotate
  • translate
  • DONE(#153445): Redraw full image area if "Toggle show viewbox" button is enabled
    Redraw full image area after action that have moved component outside of previously visible area.
    Works for the following actions:
  • scale, scale vertically, scale horizontally
  • skew
  • rotate
  • translate
  • Align feature. Possible options are:
  • Align left/right/center
  • Show grid to make manual alignment easier
  • Snap to grid
  • Unlock SVG Image by default (#154274)

Nice to have

  • Resize text and graphics in different way.
  • dragging resizing point should resize graphics only. Shouldn't modify text's size.
  • text should be resized by properties value. May be by dragging resizing point of text rectangle.
  • Move actions selection from component corners to e.g. separate toolbar.
    Now each transformation action is attached to border or corner(all borders and corners are occupied).
    This change will allow
  • resizing by e.g. dragging any border or corner
  • use transformation even if corner to which it is attached is not is the visible area
  • add new transformation actions in the future
  • Basic shape dropping from palette.
    Should allow shape customization on drop
  • Set line/polyline points by clicking
  • Set polygon points by clicking
    Add mouse coordinates on click to polygon corners until new coordinate is close to the first point.
  • Set circle/ellipse radius by mouse press-drag-release sequence
  • etc...
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