Java ME 8 Embedded How To

Author: Roman Svitanic

Version 1.0

Set up Java ME Platform

  • In Tools/Java Platforms click Add Platform... and select Java ME CLDC Platform Emulator


  • Follow the wizard and specify the path to ME SDK.


Create Java ME 8 Embedded Project

  • In File/New Project... dialog choose Java ME Embedded category and Java ME Embedded Application project.


  • Select installed Java ME 8 Platform and JDK platform, from which the tools like javac or javadoc will be used. Although it is possible to use JDK 1.7 if it's a default platform and no JDK 1.8 is installed, it is strongly recommended to use JDK 1.8.


Customizing the project

  • Right click on a project node in project's explorer and select

Selecting Optional Packages

  • Some Java ME Emulators/Devices may be shipped with libraries that others are not.
  • Platform boot classpath can be constructed by selecting required optional packages.
  • These selections can be different in different run configurations of the project.


Running the project

  • Use standard actions from NetBeans toolbar or context menu.
  • If Java ME application that should be executed doesn't contain any midlet, following dialog is displayed (In this dialog some (or all) midlets from all available midlets in the project can be selected):


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