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The JavaFX Plugin enables you to configure options for its many areas of functionality by means of a standard feature of the NetBeans IDE - Options window. To edit IDE settings in the Options window:

  1. Open the Options window by choosing Tools > Options from the main menu.
  2. If you want to edit settings in Advanced Options, click Advanced Options in the Options window.
  3. Depending on which view you are in, select the category in the upper pane (Basic) or node in the left pane (Advanced) to display the configurable settings.
  4. Modify the settings.
  5. Close the Options window.

Options of a plugin are intended to adjust some general properties that control the look and behavior of the features that are supported by the plugin. This document specifies the adjust abilities of the JavaFX Plugin.

Options of the JavaFX Plugin

Code Templates Options

Access: Options window -> Editor tab -> Code Templates tab -> Language: JavaFX
Result: All the Code Templates defined for the JavaFX language are accessible for modification.


Initially, the list labeled as Templates: contains the Code Templates predefined by the JavaFX Plugin. The plugin supports all basic IDE functionality against the Templates: list and its items, including:

  • Create a New user-defined Code Template and associate it with an Abbreviation.
  • Remove any abbreviation, including a predefined abbreviation.
  • Edit Expanded Text associated with any abbreviation, including any predefined abbreviation.
  • Edit an Description associated with any abbreviation, including any predefined abbreviation.
  • Change the Expand Template On key associated with any abbreviation. You can use the Expand Template On drop-down list to change the key or key combination that is used to expand the abbreviations. By default, abbreviations are expanded when you press Tab. The Expand Template On drop-down list also contains the options of Space, Shift-Space, and Enter.

Fonts and Colors Options

Editor Profile

The plugin supports an IDE paradigm about Editor Profile. A user can switch between profiles to quickly change between saved custom the Fonts and Colors settings in the Editor. Also, a user can define new profiles and save it with a desired name.

All the Fonts and Colors settings are divided into the logical sections: Syntax, Highlighting, Annotation and Diff. Each section is accessible via own tab in the Options window when the Fonts & Color tab is selected.



The tab contains settings for both the Syntax Highlighting Layer and the Semantic Highlighting Layer.







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