JavaFX Plugin - Generate Desktop Application Specification

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Creating Project

See Creating Project

Build Project

To Build Project select Build Project popup item from project node in Projects window.

Build Project

All Java and JavaFX files will be compiled and results of compilation stored in /build/classes/subfolder of a project repeating structure of the source folders at lower levels directory, and JAR created in /dist/ directory.

Run Project

Project can be run from inside IDE or from command line

Run inside IDE

Just press Run button from Toolbar or press Run popup item from project node in Projects window

Run from command line

Change directory to the dist folder of your project or specify full path to the Application JAR in the following command:

java -jar "JavaFXApplication.jar" javafxapplication.Main

where JavaFXApplication is name of the project and javafxapplication.Main is main class of the project and package in which it is located


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