Q: I haven't found an answer in the tutorials nor in the FAQ?
A: Don't panic. Use the mailing list and we'll do our best to answer your question. If the answer is useful for the community we'll also update the FAQ.

Q: If I run Kenai Project Browser on the mobile emulator I don't get any result.
A: Kenai (NetBeans) API uses https protocol. However, the mobile emulator doesn't have the right certificates installed.

Q: I realized that there is a separate JavaFX composer properties window. Why is it not in the regular properties window?
A: The new properties window comes with the concept of advanced customizers that are states aware. Merging this with the existing concept is not easy, although not impossible it would take longer time. Also the UI of the composer is still changing.

Q: Drag and drop component requires two clicks for alignment. First the design area is selected. It requires additional movement to be placed with the rest of the FX objects. Can this be combined? Can I be prompted to drop the items in order the first time I drag them in the design area?
A: Yes, this is a known problem. With current JavaFX runtime we can not get the component size until it gets laid out. We haven't found a good workaround but we keep investigating.

Q: Would be nice to have 2 way editing between src and design. Most of he generated code is guarded today. It is very possible for some of the code to be copy/pasted rather than creating DnD from component palette.
A: Definitely. However, two-way editing is not trivial. The work is in progress.

Q: How can I add my own components?
A: There is no official API yet, but we would definitely like to allow this in some of the future releases.

Q: I have Mac OS X 10.6, JDK 1.6 and Netbeans 6.8. Why do I have no option in plugins to install JavaFX Composer?
A: JavaFX Composer should appear in the list of available plugins even if the dependencies are not satisfied (in such a case you'll get an error message during installation). There are few possible reasons - please check Update Client Settings whether Beta Update Center has been enabled. Also the plugin will not show in the list of Available plugins if it has already been installed. If everything is corrent and the plugins is still not available, please send us an error report.

Q: What's new in Preview 2 version?
A: See the What's new in Preview 2 document.

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