The following issues were fixed for the JavaFX Script plugin for the NetBeans IDE 6.0 and NetBeans IDE 6.0.1 releases:

Issue Opened Type Subcomponent Component Summary
117291 2007-10-01 DEFECT projects javafx Enabling Preview blocks IDE
117303 2007-10-01 DEFECT editor javafx Editor context menu issues
117442 2007-10-02 DEFECT editor javafx Images are not shown in the Preview
117604 2007-10-03 DEFECT editor javafx Preview, error detection and syntax highligting block text typing for some time
121749 2007-11-12 DEFECT samples javafx weather demo has wrong order of triangles
122286 2007-11-19 DEFECT code javafx Warning in IDE log when creating or opemimg existing JavaFX projects
122496 2007-11-21 DEFECT editor javafx Preview can't be shown even sources were built
122758 2007-11-26 DEFECT projects javafx IllegalStateException when create JavaFX class if project is created from sources
122759 2007-11-26 DEFECT projects javafx 'Create Main class' option creates empty fx file not fx class
122849 2007-11-27 DEFECT editor javafx Nothing is typed in the Preview when Alt key is pressed
123279 2007-12-03 DEFECT editor javafx There is no ""Format"" menu item
125459 2008-01-17 DEFECT projects javafx New project should create main file instead of main class

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