Visual Web - Automated Tests


---++##. Location Where automated tests are located, where automated tests for specified area are located (visualweb/test, visualweb/test/components, etc).
---++##. Common information

Testing Area Number of Tests Responsible person
Web Service Consumption
EJB Consumption
CachedRowSet !DataProvider
Query Editor
Page Navigation

---++##. Detailed information [[0[Deployment | &&&&&0&&&&&[Deployment]]]
[[2[WebServiceConsumption | &&&&&2&&&&&[Web Service Consumption]]]
[[4[EJBConsumption | &&&&&4&&&&&[EJB Consumption]]]
[[6[CachedRowSet!DataProvider | &&&&&6&&&&&[CachedRowSet !DataProvider]]]
[[8[QueryEditor | &&&&&8&&&&&[Query Editor]]]
[[10[PageNavigation | &&&&&10&&&&&[Page Navigation]]]

---++##. Test Automation Process How automated tests should be created, where they should be stored, what should be used for automation (jemmy, jelly, gravy libraries).
---++##. Plans What we are going to automate and our whole strategy.

-- Main.AlexPetrov - 18 Sep 2007

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