Test ID Test Procedure Expected Results Platform
E1 Typical (Full) Installation of all bundles
Install all components
All components installed successfully All platforms
E2 Installing Full bundle as root
Login as root or toor user. Run installer
Installation successful All needed icons, entries are present One Linux/Solaris, chosen by QE engineer
E3 Installing Full bundle as non-root
Run installer
Installation successful All needed icons, entries are present Windows
E4 Typical installation of JavaEE/Full bundle to custom folder with spaces
a) Perform typical installation.
b) Choose different installation path (disk, folder) for the Product, path should contain spaces.
Product installed into the required folder. All components installed successfully All Platforms
E5 PostInstallationTests 1. IdentityRelatedInstallerTests
2.After installation is complete launch the URL http://host_address:port/portletdriver/dt, This should bring up the .Portlet Container Driver page that has two tabs(Portlets and Admin)
3.The documentation is established
Your First Cup;JavaBluePrints;Java Platform Enterprise Edition 5 Samples
D5 Full Uninstallation Run uninstaller
Run uninstaller for all installed bundles
Product should be uninstalled successfully. All files and folders created by the installer have been removed. There are no product related folders (even empty), links, Start menu items, registry keys etc. after uninstallation. All platforms
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