Java EE Team Blog

The Java EE team blog is at All team members and welcome and encouraged to participate and post to this blog. Feel free to write about new features, tips, write HOWTO documents etc.

Getting started

  1. If you are not registered already, you need to register at DZone.
  2. Include relevant information in your profile.
  3. Provide a picture of yourself. Your picture is shown next to the blog entries, so it really looks much better if your picture is there.

Creating a blog entry

  1. On the page (when logged in), click Create content at the bottom right.
  2. On the next page, always choose Story.
  3. Always provide a title. To mark a blog entry as draft, include Draft: at the beginning of the title.
  4. Write the body. Here are some tips:
  • Explore and use the built-in rich text editor, it really works well.
  • To edit the HTML directly, click the HTML icon.
  • To include Java code, you can write e.g.:
    <pre class="java">System.out("aaa")
  • To add images, do not click Add image, instead click File Attachments. Once you add the file, you can then include it in the text using
    <img src="url_of_your_picture">
  • Include at least one image - it makes the blog entry look much nicer.
  1. Provide tags - always add javaee. This is required so the blog entry appears at

Publishing a blog entry

A moderator has to approve every posting to Geertjan Wielenga is one of the moderators, so he can do it. If you want the entry to be approved, first remove the Draft: marker from the title, if you added it. Then Geertjan or someone else will approve, or you may want to drop him an e-mail.

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