Requirements and requests of the Java EE team on other teams

NetBeans 6.5

Issue Description Status
133773 Provide useful UI for treating files as different mimetype
124779 detection/browser needed for Source/Javadoc archive attaching
123346 Merge editor related options into Editor category
122097 Per Project Formatting Settings
127678 Installer should allow for JRE only
95077 Remove editor related options from the Advanced options dialog
48741 Merge Favorites view with Files view


NetBeans Core team

Issue Description Comment from Core team (Tonda)
89852 API which notifies new events in the output windows Not planned. Problematic because Output Window APIs are not easily extensible.
28862 Add in-line error feature to API Not planned at the moment, this is not a priority issue; also UI spec would have to be created first covering specific real use cases
88775 Don't save project properties if they were not changed Not planned. Rather a P3 performance bug, not an enhancement, and it requires large changes.
33162 Allow to listen on subtrees PLANNED, Radek Matous will work on it, as well as on "listening on non-existing files".
60862 Provide an API for adding icon in the output window tab Not planned. Problematic because Output Window APIs are not easily extensible.
70280 Review of actions work Not planned. Strong argument would have to be brought to us to reconsider.
90508 Add logging level based message filtering Not planned. This is not realistic to do in a general way in Output. You should do it in your code. Adding buttons to Output is possible via APIs. After you do the filtering of the stream, you will reload it in the Output.
90512 Add support for creating links Not planned. This requirement goes against the philosophy of Output Window, which is basically only a fast viewer of possibly very large stream. Output Window does not know anything about the semantics of the text it displays.
90513 Add support for displaying process output and log files. Not planned. Sounds like you need to create a utility class on your side, to handle the many log files you have in web/j2ee areas.

Editor Technology team

Issue Description Status
72386 Find usage should also search other resources (eg. xml->hibe
89671 Make implementAllAbstractMethods() method public by API
90340 Editor popup actions invoked in a Java file should make an E
90558 Provide code completion for text fields
90646 Improve OOBE of registering Javadoc in doc window
89283 Define how various editor functionality should be composed in terms of embedded languages
41443 Support remote Javadoc
108649 No way to wait for changes to a Java file to appear in ClassIndex
117450 Provide unified LexerInput across multiple joined embedded sections
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