Java EE planning meeting, Aug 5, 2013

Attendees: Petr H, Martin F, Martin J, David (remote), Milan, Sergey, Petr J

Discussion of possible features for NetBeans 8.0 and 8.1.

Server Plugins

 JBoss/WildFly new releases (EE 7 -enabled)
 WebLogic new releases (12.1.3)
 GlassFish - need Tomas K for this discussion
   upcoming releases: 4.0.1, 4.1
 CloudLogic support on UC
   local WebLogic support needs to support the same version

REST services

 JavaScript client
   UI could include framework choice (e.g. AngularJS), client type (way to connect to the server)
   based on existing project resource or on an arbitrary URL
   wraps JSON in a function, to get around the same origin policy
   JSONP support is easy to implement on the server side with Jersey
 REST services tester
   current tester is buggy, does not support important features
   may want to reimplement using a JavaScript framework
   should be usable with 3rd party services (rather than just those created in the IDE)
   may want to rename it to "REST Explorer"
   related to the Web Services node in Services, which should be replaced by something that works better
   should look into existing client apps before writing our own
 Several other smaller features
 See also attached slide deck


 Make it work better with Maven


 JSF, EL editors: code completion and hints improvements
   initial support in place for JSF 2.2, EL 3.0, but more is needed
   we have a chance to be ahead of others (e.g. IntelliJ)
 Faces Flow
 PrimeFaces CRUD application generator
   3rd party contribution that we may or may not want to accept
   impressive on the first sight, but has many issues
 Many-to-many support in JSF from Entities
 JSF from Entities generates outdated code, usable for beginners only
 JSF development with Easel features? (JS debugging, visual CSS editing, ...)

Bean validation

 Easy editing of constraints - "Insert Code" action
 Integrate with EJB, JAX-RS, JPA, JSF, …
 Client-side vs. server-side validation?
   What to do in Angular/Knockout + REST (JAX-RS) case?
   In JSF you specify validation code that validates client input via Ajax call
     Could you generate knockout validation code so validation happens on the client
   Pre-generate application on the server (see Meteor)

Other Web Framworks

 Many Spring RFEs


 Checkbox for Copy static resources on Save
 Support for war-overlays (
 Improve Java EE recognition mechanism + ask user if the recognition fails completely
 Add possibility not to remember server for deployment (might be used for testing purposes on many different servers)


 What is the main use case? Integration with Java EE, or Gradle, or?


 extract mapped superclass
 update hints
 NoSQL? Any plans by Tonda's team?
 Support EclipseLink's NoSQL extension?
 Datasource definition through annotation
 Hibernate 4 (also as a standalone framework)


 code completion in beans.xml
 new hints for CDI 1.1

Ant projects (may apply to Maven too)

 Remote files node
 JavaScript testing

Java Embedded Suite (JES)

 Server runtime for small embedded devices, collects data from sensors etc.
   and exposes it to data mining/analytics software
 Based on OSGi, Grizzly, Jersey, servlet container; development through Maven
 Possible update center module, features could include creating project, 
   running locally/remotely on the device, start/stop the server, ...

Other ideas

 Batch Applications API in EE 7
 j2ee.common refactoring - to continue after code freeze, to be dissolved completely
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