attendee: Shreedhar, Vince, David Vancouvering, Petr P, Milan, Josef Holy, Ken, Erno, Libor, Stepan, Martin A, Radko, Jan Horvath, Andrei, Petr J

> Agenda:

stopper bug status:

entity generation, fix depends on another fix, that may get higher priority now.

open EJB project; fixed in personal build. going into build

browse button disabled: decided this isn't a show stopper.

> 1. Passdown
> 2. Engineering update
>    - Enabling modules and tests in trunk

ejbcore is in.

bp module... did not get added.. need to meet during US visit

>    - Bug status
>    - Visit schedule

schedule needs to get fleshed out

> 3. QE update

couple stoppers in 5.5.1 related to web services.

> 4. HIE update

existing source wizards need some attention.

> 5. Docs update

Adoption docs? Not really planned now.

> Status report:
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