Attendees: Sanjay, Rochelle, Peter, Ludo, Martin G., Vince, Tomasz, Milan, Honza, Martin A, Stepan, Ken, Andrei, Radko, Erno, Petr P, Petr J

> Agenda:
> 1. Passdown
> 2. Engineering update
>      - Creator visit passdown

datasources: Andrei VWP design time jndi needs to delegate to current impl

DB driver deployment. Stepan... not contraversial

Project alignment... merge the two projects (VWP and NetBeans standard web)

Services -- Server navigator (VWP)/Runtime Explorer

Query builder integration...

CSS editor : Marek F; owner. Schliemann based... integrate with visual preview.

Creator code bound for NetBeans CVS soon.

>      - Planning

Draft info

>      - Retouche migration update

Not much change since last meeting.

>      - j2eeserver changes

Meeting : 2006 Nov 8, 5:30 CET/8:30 PST  stepan, peter, vbk, pavel b, others...

>      - Editing/JavaScript update

scriptlet editing is starting to come in. not recommended for use.  mostly java-core side

JSP/HTML editing migrating to Lexer...

>      - Requirements on other teams

Rescheduling. undecided at the moment.

> 3. QE update

Web project is getting tested.
What functionality is expected? Basic web project. create, deploy [TC,GlassFish]. Some other web features.

> 4. Docs update

No update.  working on some stuff that did not make it into 5.5

assisting shortfin folks...
Other stuff...

8:30 Thursday. NetBeans PAC -- Appserver rep should attend...

Web services usability stuff summary... folks were pretty happy with what they found.

Annotations were a surprise...

link to summary [WsUsabilityStudy2006]

> Status report:
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