> Java EE i-team meeting on Aug 7, 8am California time, 5pm Prague time.
> Prague: Olympia meeting room, 2nd floor

Attendees: Peter W, Rochelle, Shreedhar, Nitya, Ken, Martin A, Petr P, Andrei, 
Martin S, Marek, Tomasz S, Pavel, Tomas M, Stepan, Erno, Milan, Petr Hejl, Petr J

> Agenda:
> 1. Passdown
>   - New colleague: Petr Hejl


>   - NB 6 schedule update:

Beta moving by 5 weeks, so is FCS.

> 2. Bug status, beta readiness

Great job on reducing P2 bug count especially last week, let's continue in that spirit!


We are under boundary for beta, but over target. For FCS we need 0 P2s anyway. 
Most teams are behind, some more (Java + editor, SOA, Scripting), some less. 

> 3. Outstanding tasks: JSF from Entity sample, remove closed source  
> jars, ....

Both on track.

Database tables code completion for JPA - not sure we will do it for 6.0.

> 4. Open mike

Appserver 9.1 on track for release on Sep 17. Appserver 9.1.1 in planning, 
Shreedhar will be the release boss. We will not count on having 9.1.1 in time for NB 6,
currently scheduled for later. 

Some plugin bugs blocked by Appserver bugs which will not be fixed for 9.1 - 
we will either do a workaround on the IDE side or waive.

NetBeans 6 includes GlassFish v2, not Sun Appserver 9.1. But they are mostly equivalent
anyway, especially for the developer. And they have the same release date.

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