> Java EE i-team meeting on March 6, 8am California time, 5pm Prague time.

Attendees: Vince, Peter, Nitya, Tomas M, Marek, Tomasz S, Ken, Martin S, Libor, Stepan, Martin A, Petr P, Petr J, Erno, Radko, Milan, Andrei

> Agenda:
> 1. Passdown

NB 6 concept: presenting this week to pac
Web tier

Some folks at Eclipse Con

> 2. Engineering update
>    - NetBeans 5.5.1 status
>      showstoppers:
>   92920   NB 5.5 freezes and uses 100% CPU when opening an enterprise

P2 and incomplete

>   97082   Cannot debug web application with Glassfish
>   97279   NetBeans uses a non-FCS version of TopLink

related risk... 9.1 FCS and server integration
5.5.2 may be necessary for TopLink...
High resistence for release551 branch...

>      JAX-WS version

May be a new version of JAX-WS in GF (2.1.1?) NB has JAX-WS (2.1)

>      How do we make sure it works with GF v2?

Making modules friends with the hk2 (V3 plugin)... approved

>    - NetBeans 6 status
>      Retouche rewrite

martin: jpa/jsf rewrite

>      Visual web alignment

Petr P: not much new. get JSP parser from GF

Radko: rewrite logical view provider

>      Merged annotation model

Andrei: lots of time spent with Retouche. waiting on review from pcw and vbk. later this week

>      Server infrastructure+plugins changes/datasources

ddbean_removal: most modules are migrated... waiting on serverplugin changes... archive project changes
resources/datasources: Got requirements. working on API proposal. UI and API may be ready next week

>      Matisse requirements on JPA

Web Services designer... in process.
  merge feature
  REST support not very "advanced"

>      Editing/JavaScript/CSS
> 3. QE update

5.5.1 build

> 4. HIE update

HIE is in California... Project consolidation in progress

> 5. Docs update

Docs no real update. NetBeans adoption...

What is the JavaOne story for docs?

> Status report:
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