> J2EE i-team meeting on Feb 6, 8am California time, 5pm Prague time.

Attendees: Peter W., Vince, Honza H, Martin S, Libor, Stepan, Ken, Radko, Erno, Martin, Petr P, Andre, Tomas Mysik, Tomasz S, Milan, Petr J, Pepa Holy

> Agenda:
> 1. Passdown
>    - Welcome Tomas Mysik

Replacing Pavel.

>    - status of Visual Web Pack

Now open... some of the code went under web.  there is a visualweb module. working on making it build in 6.0...

first milestone... build in 6.0, soon.

>    - ownership of XML modules
> 2. Engineering update
>    - testability issues

no discussion

>    - P1 bugs, bug evaluation

Don't forget to set the target milestone when evaluating bugs...

>    - Milestone 7 status

last week for feature development...

>      server APIs status, DB + JMS APIs, JBoss 5, websvc, visual web, ...

JBoss 5 integrated in trunk. Going into 5.5.1 next week, probably.

Server integration api changes...  soon "solidified"... MS8

DB + JMS api work starting... Nitya and Libor to link up for MS8.

>    - EJB DD editor

Editor linked into JMI pretty heavily. Cost high.

Proposal needs more detail.  Better description of the 'why'

Proposal may need to be for a degradation of functionality, not a total loss.

> 3. QE update
> 4. HIE update
> 5. Docs update
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