Attendee: Peter, Martin A., Vince, Shreedhar, Radim Kubacki, Martin S, Milan, Stepan, Petr P, Andrei, Erno, Radko, Petr J, Ken, Marek

>> 1. Passdown
>>      - US trip update

MLK day conflict... may change... Praha crew in Bay Area and Monrovia: Jan 15-24

P-team discussion: bugs and continuous quality... More bug fixing in the feature dev phase.

Location of  detailed plan.

Web services meeting: requirements for JAX-WS api... next release.

Stable APIs necessary.

Rest Support: server side is pretty easy.  Client is an issue.Visual web services designer..

>> 2. Engineering update
>>      - 5.5.1 fixes:


>>      - Requirements on other teams
> New link:

Other managers have seen this list

> Petr
>>      - Using PMD in development

rule set sent... Petr asked for folks to start using it. Some have used it.

Consensus: try to make new code PMD clean. don't mix bug fix and PMD changes.

file bugs at or in contrib (and put 'rkubacki' to cc:)...

>>      - GlassFish: name in Add Server dialog, status of v2 with NB 6

resolved: yes... implemented: not yet.

Proposal to add download  button to someplace.... Not really resolved... UI Spec needed?

Current v2/6.0 interop status: working

>>      - Eliminating Sun BCL components

eliminate closed source components in distribution...

Move CMP stuff to IDE repository....

JSR api jars, java ee javadoc

>>      - Status update:
>>         - retouche migration

Struts module: small limitation (browse for class)

JSF module: more limited.

Persistence: limitations

Web Services: JAX-WS mostly all working. JAX-WS integrating to build this week.

>>         - j2eeserver changes

API change still in process. Hope to commit to branch soon.

>>         - editing
>>         - AS plugin
>> 3. QE update

working on testing audit, developing plan to extend automated tests.

WebLogic and JBoss changes.

Application Client and XML tools issue.

HIE Update:

>> 4. Docs update

No update.

>> Status report:
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