> Java EE i-team meeting on April 3, 8am California time, 5pm Prague time.

Attendees: Honza H, Peter W, Marek, Milan, Martin A, Tomas M, Radko, Andrei, 
Libor, Erno, Petr P, Petr J, Shreedhar, Pepa Holy, Tomasz.

> 1. Passdown

NetBeans 6.0 project review driven by Trung taking place, involves eng/QE 
managers and Pavel Buzek. Feature freeze will be either Milestone 10 or 
Milestone 11.

Next Monday is a holiday (Easter) in the Czech Republic.

> 2. Engineering update

Bug count + unevaluated bugs are growing, need to evaluate.

>    - Milestone 9 update
>      Server infrastructure+plugins changes/datasources

Stepan merged his branch into trunk last week. 

Libor working on resource APIs, need feedback from Nitya. Peter W will also 
provide feedback. Expect the APIs completion and merge to trunk later this week, 
changes in plugins may be implemented later.

>      Merged annotation model

Progressing, API review will take place on Wednesday. Peter Williams added as 
a reviewer.

Martin A started implementing the model for EJB, Andrei started to work on 
the model for webapps. Tomas M working on a model for EAR, though this is 
unrelated to the infrastructure. Milan will start working on the model for web 
services later.

JPA model is the reference model that Andrei works on together with the infrastructure.

>      Retouche rewrite
>      Visual web alignment

JSF navigation module was in the build for a short time, but was removed because 
of quality problems. Radko working on the web project libraries API, but the build 
script deleted his new files.

>      Web Services

Visual designer can now handle both Java -> WSDL and WSDL -> Java. REST support was 
integrated into web projects.

>      Matisse requirements on JPA

API for Entity from DB has one bug, otherwise ready.

>      Editing/JavaScript/CSS

Marek continuing on making Javascript/CSS work inside JSP. Also working on RHTML support,
possibly will look at Ruby language features inside RHTML.

>    - JavaOne update
>      POD demo scenarios

Erno working on the POD demo scenarios for J1. Most of them are in draft stage. Web 
services demo scripts will be driven by Vidhya's team.

> 3. QE update

Testing of Milestone 9 will start next Tuesday.

> 4. HIE update

Discussion about the UI for drop down with "add" behavior. The decision is to use 
a separate button, rather than an item in the drop down.

Discussion about using "New" vs. "Add" - New should be used for newly created objects, 
Add when adding existing objects.

HIE will be involved in the web services area to review WS designer.

> 5. Docs update
> Status report:
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