Attendees: Ludo, Larry, Sanjay, Vince, Martin G, Ken, Tomasz, Honza, Milan, Marek, Martin A, Petr P, Andrei, Radko, Tomasz, Erno, Petr J, Stepan

> Agenda:
> 1. Passdown

5.5 is out!
It can be out for awhile.
First reactions... tss, forums, nbusers
impression of Java EE development story is positive so far.
Ludo: Ajax exp conference...
Lots of folks asking about jMaki and Phobos in Eclipse...
Server-side javascript is a new wave. we need to get ahead of it.
Core web services team... a central team coordinating a number of efforts in a more coordinated "story"
Open question: how fast will this "happen"???

> 2. Engineering update
>      - Web services usability study

Usability study is tomorrow.  5 folks. two experienced, three novices.
2 hours per participant...
exact schedule pending, if you want to attend.

>      - Creator visit passdown

two days worth of meetings so far
Driver deployment and data source definitions.
Minutes will appear on this page soon.

>      - Retouche migration update

EJB core, Web and JPA are in process.
web app projects deploy to Tomcat.

>      - j2eeserver without JSR 88 proposal

meeting next week: vbk to coordinate the time

>      - Editing/JavaScript update

JavaScript will be leveraging the Schliemann infrastructure:

>      - RAD Race experience

Wiki page with findings.

>      - Using

It is public. No VPN!!! More open to the community...

>      - Heads up: schedules, releases, packs, ...

VWP: still focused on shortfin 1.  No update on 6.0.
See Beyond / AS 9.1 (Kenai):  Enterprise Pack on 5.5 working on this for April.
March feature freeze for NB 6.0...

> 3. QE update

Issuezilla is about to get hit by the TBD change wave.

> 4. Docs update

Petr J: update the 'Using Hibernate...' tutorial

> Status report:
> Petr
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