> Java EE i-team meeting on Oct 2, 8am California time, 5pm Prague time.

Attendees on the phone: Martin A, Rochelle, Vince, Peter W, Nitya
In the room: Martin S, Tomasz S, Honza H, Andrei, Petr J, Tomas M, David K, 
Petr H, Marek, Petr P, Erno, Milan

> Agenda:
> 1. Passdown
>   - NB 6 schedule

High resistance for beta2 on Oct 13, but then all P2s (or the vast majority) must be fixed. 
Beta2 release on Oct 22, FCS on Dec 3. High resistance for FCS around mid-November.

> 2. P1 and P2 bug status, see attachment

117094  P1 	mfukala        Serious issues editing JSPs (JSP editor nearly unusable)
  Umbrella, dependency on subissues (some fixed), some subissues in other teams. Reformatting
  subissue and P1 regression from Hanz really need to be fixed, one more P2 to be filed. 
  Target end of the week.
115506 	P1 	ppisl          HTTP Status 404 - Servlet Faces Servlet is not available
  Partial fix done (for Tomcat 6), still need to fix for Tomcat 5.5.x. 3 P2s are related.
  Target Thursday.
116203  P2 	abadea         Revert the workaround of and properly fix issue 114535
  Will not be addressed, saving in AWT issue will be reopened (revert Milan Kubec's fix), and waive the AWT issue.
  End of the week.
116673 	P2 	dkolar         .web.debug.watchesfiltering and variablefiltering packages a
116653 	P2 	dkolar         Samples > Web Projects are not covered by a Test Specificati
116655 	P2 	dkolar         New Web Application With Existing Ant Script is not covered
  The 3 bugs above will be addressed by the end of the week.
117333 	P2 	emononen       FEQ is not working for some configuration files
  In progress, looks simple, problems with cookies and SaveAction.
73806 	P2 	martin_adamek  PERF: Call EJB in session bean is slow
  Lazy initialization implemented, may need to be waived.
107647 	P2 	martin_adamek  Unable to locate message destination or MDB
  Need input from Peter W, Peter to work on this as his top priority.
110458 	P2 	martin_adamek  Adding business method to EJB is out of boundary
  Partial fix implemented, only slow on the test machine (not developer machine), will be waived.
45934 	P2 	mfukala        Opening JSP is slow
  Originally P3, increased to P2, need input from QE - run performance tests. Opening 
  files manually works reasonably fast. David K will also look at this. Profiler has problems.
111546 	P2 	mfukala        Syntax error from scriptlets in embedded languages
  Subissue of 117094, requires infrastructure changes in Schliemann and possibly editor.
  Hopefully by beta2.
105723 	P2 	mfukala        CSS UI editor adding more rule items break the code
  By the end of next week.
117269 	P2 	nityad         0928: IDE-ERROR domain1-cluster could not start
  Working on this now. Timeout issues in general.
117464 	P2 	nityad         0110: profile web-project in GF cluster setup
  New issue, no data, will investigate today.
112390 	P2 	phejl          Web and Enterprise samples should allow choosing/managing ta
  Fix in progress for web samples (will be complete tomorrow).
  Vince, Tomasz, Petr P and Petr H to discuss the solution.
106161 	P2 	ppisl          Default should be "Don't append any library" when creating J
  Related to 115506, subissue of it.
106580 	P2 	ppisl          JSF library missing on EE5 Projects for Weblogic
  Related to 115506.
111079 	P2 	ppisl          unable to load tag handler class error
  Solution not known, problem from JSP parser.
116418 	P2 	ppisl          NPE on find usages on JSF on 6.0 beta 1
  Discussing with the reporter, need to investigate first.
115912 	P2 	ppisl          [60cat] Unable to initialize TldLocationsCache error
  Can not reproduce, discussing with the reporter. David investigating, blocked by JSP editing problems.
115278 	P2 	ppisl          I18N - ide freezes after creating the second VWApp using win
  Deadlocks, related to 117333, Andrei looking at a deadlock with configuration files.
  Andrei's deadlock to be fixed by the end of the week.
102544 	P2 	ppisl          Cannot deploy JSF 1.1 web app to Tomcat 5
  Related to 115506.
70094 	P2 	tmysik         Create Web Application is slow
  May depend on 45934. Waiver requested.
114345 	P2 	tmysik         Saving of project properties outside of AWT thread
  Related to 116203, will be fixed as WONTFIX
112247 	P2 	tslota         Java objects declared in included JSP fragments are not visi
  Easy, no time so far. 
113282 	P2 	tslota         Scriptlet editing features don't work correctly in JSP tag f
  Similar to 113282, will be fixed.
116474 	P2 	tslota         new line indentation doesn't work
  Need help reviewing changes.
117339 	P2 	tslota         Weird java errors in JSP file
  Will be fixed soon
109500 	P2 	tslota         Error messages in editor, when the project doesn't have a ta
  Will be fixed soon
108996 	P2 	vkraemer       Standard descriptor wizards removed from Package Archive Pro
  Looking for solution to this. may require changes in web and app client projects.  
  Also looking to find a work-around that isn't too obnoxious, so that we can lower the issues priority. 

> 3. Open mike
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