> Java EE i-team meeting on May 29, 8am California time, 5pm Prague time.

attendees: Vince, Martin G, Rochelle, Shreedhar, Petr P, Milan, Erno, Tomas, 
Stepan, Andrei, Martin, Petr J, Tomasz, Radko, Ken, Marek, Honza H

> Agenda:
> 1. Passdown

none really. making progress for M10.

UI changes...

p-team changes/news: Prague centered slowly disappearing. replaced by NB 
6.0 pteam global inclusive

> 2. QE update

still alot of bugs. new dashboard also coming.

Release criteria under discussion.

Beta: 200 p2s

FCS: 0 P2s

Focus on P2's first.

> 3. HIE update


> 4. Docs update

UI changes under discussion. More in-line help.... looking to extend 
current Project chooser to more dialogs

> 5. Engineering
> - Help from other teams

A task list to redistribute to other teams...
   Encoding support..
   JSF refactoring... needs to be Retouche-d.
   WS team requesting some enhancements... Extensibility.  JAXB support needs it.
   Choose Type dialog...

> - Status of the remaining features for M10

EJB refactoring, Hints (JPA, etc.), EJB DD Editor

write-ups needed by the end of the week except hints - will know only a few days before feature freeze

Marek to get together with Stepan and Vince to resolve multiple build 

Friend limit "hit" for xml/multiview.  needs to  get escalated to core?

need to "weed out" old friends that may not be part of the current IDE?

> Status report:
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