> Java EE i-team meeting on July 29, 8am California time, 5pm Prague time.
> Agenda:
> 1. Passdown
> 2. Beta readiness, schedule review

High resistance: Monday morning CET... if we are at the criteria..

our situation -- too many P2s... other teams have some really hard P1s

>   Reminder: New and Noteworthy document -
> 3. Bug status
> 3 P1s, 26 P2s

some editor related issues.

> 1 P1, 15 P2s

may not get a couple of them finished... none of Tor's are likely to get resolved... he is on vacation.

> 2 P1s, 13 P2s

Some issues  are related to compile on save...

> 1 P1, 19 P2s

hopeful will be able to reduce the count.

> 0 P1s, 22 P2s

several will close over the next couple of days.

Petr's summary: Java EE is the area most at risk...

GF team volunteered to take a look at area outside their normal scope to see if there is a place they can contribute and reduce the risk.

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