>> Java EE i-team meeting on Jan 29, 8am California time, 5pm Prague time.

Phone attendees: Vince, Peter W
In the room: Petr P, Petr J, Petr H, Erno, Tomas M, Ken

>> Agenda:
>> 1. Passdown from last week's meetings

areas discussed:

PHP - talked about current php impl. unclear about what features/fixes 
will be ready for 6.1.  Correctness vs. delivery question.

javascript - editing features for 7.0 were discussed. Tor has promising 
prototype. being evaluated for 6.1 inclusion

ruby - Not much done in the editing, since Tor is spinning out into 
javascript.  3 folks working on the editor, integration, db related 

Groovy - no specific support.

>> 2. Status of NB 6.1 features

php is even worse than in 6.0.... code completion in more than one file 
is very expensive. not very optimistic.

glassfish v3 & ruby - common server is improving, Peter sent some 
classes that are being used as the basis for a "ruby server"... 
integrating soon...
  plugin progressing.

Sailfin needs a couple bug fixes.

Windows file locking issues... Petr J sending issues to Vince for 
further analysis.

shared libraries integrated into j2se projects... being integrated into 
web project this week... coming soon to other project types.

> 3. Bug status

Need to evaluate and fix bugs even in the feature development phase.

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