> Java EE i-team meeting on Aug 28, 8am California time, 5pm Prague time.

Attendees: Peter, Rochelle, Ken, Andrei, Honza H, Pavel T, Petr P, 
Martin, Erno, Milan, Petr J, Ludo as a special guest.
> Agenda:
> 1. Passdown
>   - Team change

Stepan Herold is leaving Sun. Thanks to Stepan for all the great work he has done 
during his three years at Sun, and for being a great colleague and friend.

>   - Visitors in Prague

Jeet Kaul, Octavian Tanase, John Treacy, Bob Brewin, Ludo and others are visiting Prague. 
Two all hands meetings (Bob, Jeet) tomorrow. Ludo is here in this meeting - discussing 
what he is currently working on, and what do we need to do going forward.

> 2. Quiz

Four questions, whoever says the right answer, will get a prize: a beautiful GlassFish sticker.

I. When is the high resistance data for NB 6 beta? The right answer is next Monday, Sep 3.
II. What will change in the area of UI changes after this date? The right answer: high 
  resistance for UI changes starts, all changes have to be recorded in the Late UI Changes document:
III. What's the target P2 bug count for beta release for the Java EE area? The right answer is 38.
IV. What is the planned release date of GlassFish v2? The right answer is Sep 17.

At the end, all new owners of GlassFish stickers are very happy!

> 3. Bug status, beta readiness

P2s above the target, but comfortably under the boundary.

> 4. Open mike
> Petr
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