> Java EE i-team meeting on May 22, 8am California time, 5pm Prague time.

attendees: Nitya, Peter, Vince, Tomasz, Radko, Ken, Stepan, Erno, Andrei, 
Martin, Tomas, Petr P, Honza H, Petr J, Marek, Milan

> Agenda:
> 1. Passdown

5.5.1 almost ready to ship.. still working with GF V2 current

Each lead is expect to review the thread at javalobby about NB 6.0 preview

Many downloads

> 2. QE update

Still a large number of unevaluated bugs.

The feature list is still unclear. example: JSF from Entity; is it in or 
out? qe has been getting conflicting "messages" about this.

> 3. HIE update

limited feedback

> 4. Docs update

Packs in the docset is being worked.

Web Pack folks will be doing web areas

slim down the java help... especially the conceptual topics

The single source document system (EPIC) consuming some time.

> 5. Engineering
> - NB 6 schedule recap:
> - Status of the remaining features for M10

simplified deployment descriptor : already decided, reducing the scope

refactoring: as risk, may need to reduce the scope

jpa verification:

Sun deployment descriptor editor: describe what is will be implemented 
for M10. Describe delta between M10 screens and minimal requirements...  
Will the screens in M10 not meet the minimum requirements?

vbk: update the plugin task list and forward.

> Status report:
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