Attendees: Peter, Sanjay, Honza, Ken, Josef, Petr P, Martin A, Andrei, 
Stepan, Erno, Petr J, Tomasz, Marek, Radko

> 1. Passdown

Welcome Josef Holy, the new HIE

>      - NetBeans Day/Tech Days

Interest in Visual Web Pack, e.g. how to use non-Sun components with VWP, want support 
for Java EE 5 in VWP. DB query editor: quotes in SQL are a problem for many databases - 
hopefully will be fixed in 6.0.

>      - US trip planning

several goals: AS plugin/Retouche migration, Visual Web Pack integration, Web 2.0, 
Enterprise Tools discussions, seeing the SeeBeyond team. Petr Pisl, Martin Adamek, 
Andrei, Milan and Petr Jiricka will be coming, also Pavel Buzek will be there.

> 2. Engineering update
>      - 5.5.1 fixes:

2 buckets of fixes: defining for 5.5.1 (AS 9.1 support); any other high priority fixes.

>      - NetBeans 6 Milestone 5

No showstoppers. Considered adding JSF + Struts, but decided against, will be added 
after M5.
P1 against db - potential showstopper.

>      - Requirements on other teams

Need IZ bugs, please modify the page.

>      - JBoss 5

Michal Mocnak will do testing. Stepan needs to change the supported version of web 
module in JBoss. Will need a special entry in the servers list for 5.0. JSF needs to be 
tested with it.

>      - Retouche migration update
>        ejb, persistence, web tier, web services

EJB core - work in progress. A stripped version of EJB project will be in M6. 

Persistence - entity generator 90% done. Use Entity Manager target for M6, hopefully 
also persistence.xml editor.

Annotation processing - basic proposal in place. Design document to follow, work in 

Web tier - Struts almost done, JSF in progress. JSF from Entity needs total rewrite.
JSP code completion almost finished, will need to switch to lexer.
Tag Handler, Listener wizards in progress. Depends on Retouche APIs.

Web Services - no update.

>      - j2eeserver changes

Stepan sent out proposal for changes in j2eeserver. Peter to review.

>      - Editing/JavaScript update

Marek finishing migration of editor to lexer. Will work on integrating Javascript 
(Schliemann). HTML to Schliemann migration considered - but very risky and will cause 

HIE requests: method customizer, custom icons for some classes, regrouping/moving 
actions in popup menu, Use Entity Manager action (needs a dialog), JSF CRUD wizard
Pepa also received requests for document based web services, redesign of Sun resources 
wizards (needs to be discussed with Nitya and also Peter and Vince).

> 3. QE update
>      - unit/functional tests

GF 9.1 testing completed, just the one issue (clustered installation) was discovered.

Will test JBoss 5.

> 4. Docs update

No update.

> Status report:
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