> Java EE i-team meeting on Nov 20, 8am California time, 5pm Prague time.

Phone: Rochelle, Nitya
In the room: Andrei, Tomas M, Petr P, David K, Petr H, Tomasz, Erno, Martin A, Milan, 
  Honza H, Ken, Petr J

> Agenda:

Passdown: Mercurial migration planned, preparation in progress - involves moving 
around sources in CVS. Unfortunately, this is a disruption, but has to be done. Petr 
to find out about any presentations/trainings on Mercurial, and about the migration date. 

> 1. NetBeans 6.0 status

RC2 to be released tomorrow, the hope is that we will NOT need RC3 (but we have time for 
it, if needed). On track for release on Dec 3.

> 2. NetBeans 6.1 planning update

PAC presentation on NetBeans 6.1 concept delivered last week, see the slides forwarded 
yesterday to the team. Noncontroversial, unanimously approved. Proposed dates: feature 
freeze late February, release end of April. Next up is planning - we will use issuezilla 
to track features/subfeatures/tasks. Things still in motion - not decided completely 
which team will own which area.

Number of areas already in progress (e.g. J2EE core utilities, Groovy/Grails, project 
sharability, ...)

> 3. Open mike
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