> J2EE i-team meeting on Dec 19, 8am California time, 5pm Prague time.

Attendees: Milan, Erno, Ken, Honza Horvath, Josef Holy, Radko, Martin A, Stepan, Andrei, Libor, Petr J, Tomasz, Peter 

> Agenda:
> 1. Passdown

Libor is back from leave, will work on JBoss 5 support.

> 2. Engineering update
>      - Status update:
>         - Tomcat removal


>         - retouche migration

Martin will add ejbcore into the build.
Milan added ws-core and ws-customization into the build.
Andrei working on the annotation model.
Erno bugfixing.
Stepan working on JSR 88 ddbean removal (waiting for Vince), JDBC driver deployment.
Radko working on web project import improvements.
Tomasz working on lexerization, bugfixing, semantic coloring for Java in JSP.

Josef Holy sent out a list of UI specs/reviews needed, please send feedback.

>         - j2eeserver changes
>         - editing
>         - AS plugin
> 3. QE update

Testing 5.5.1, there is a showstopper in JAX-WS. Question: which features will work in M6? 
Petr J to update New and Noteworthy (or delegate).

> 4. Docs update

Ken working on jMaki docs, Phobos debugger docs.

> Evaluated requirements on the Core team:

Mostly ok with Tonda's replies, except:

89852 - API which notifies new events in the output windows
Clarification - we really need UI, not API, Stepan to do that.

28862 - Add in-line error feature to API
Tonda closed this because he was not aware of any use cases, action item for everyone 
to add our use cases to the report.

88775 - Don't save project properties if they were not changed
This is really bug, Stepan to add more info and set the priority correctly 
(with the appropriate justification according to performance quality criteria:

> Status report:
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