Java EE i-team meeting on March 18, 8am California time, *4pm* Prague 
> time.

Phone attendees: vince, peter, rochelle
Prague: Tomas M, Petr H, Petr J, Tomasz S, Ken, Petr J, Honza H, Marek

> Agenda:
> 1. Passdown

email about java one... agenda for community one 08 (replaces netbeans day)

long list of things to show off.

6.1 beta feedback: pretty positive

Keynote (general session) demos - let Petr J know if you have a candidate.

> 2. Bug status
> see the attached list of P1 and P2 bugs
> Petr
> ------------------------------------------------------------------------
> 130280 P1  mentlicher    Blinking Local Variables view while debugging JPS page
> 130104 P1  tmysik        Deadlock when saving properties
> 129046 P2  dkonecny      Removing Dependent Projects from Project->Libraries Doesn't
> 130062 P2  dkonecny      REST recommended templates for web project should not be the
> 129436 P2  issues@web    impossible to create Application Listener using wizard NullP
> 128199 P2  jrojcek       Make default project non-shared
> 126041 P2  martin_adamek formatting single line json doesn't work
> 128838 P2  mfukala       html code completion causes IDE to freeze and crash
> 129209 P2  mfukala       Stylebuilder not activated after adding new rule
> 128871 P2  tor           NPE org.netbeans.modules.refactoring.javascript.RetoucheUtil
> 129199 P2  tor           NPE Refactor Rename jsp
> 128525 P2  tor           NoSuchFieldError for Visual Web JSF application
> 128532 P2  tor           NullPointerException by opening JSP editor for Visual Web JS
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