> Java EE i-team meeting on April 17, 8am California time, 5pm Prague time.

Attendees: Tomasz S, Marek, Milan, Martin A, Tomas M, Petr J, Radko, Erno, Rico, 
Nitya, Vince, Honza H, Martin G, Andrei, Libor, Petr P, Peter W

> Agenda:
> 1. Passdown
>    * NetBeans 6 M9 - what's happening

nb6.0-tteam led by Trung
change to build to include it all (ruby, vwp, ... has builds

3 installers -- minimal java se features, nb module development
   -- standard minimal + java ee and VWP mobility and glassfish (sjsas 9.1 beta2)
   -- full  standard + ruby, soa, jbi, identity, access manager...

stay tuned for being able to build the whole thing from source

New dashboard -- some areas are red for 6.0

>    * Project reviews of Visual Web and Web Services

VWP : not as integrated as we would have liked...

WS review: design view, REST web services.  Retouche migration still on-going, 
refactoring, hints, etc.

>    * Performance team and

two engineers, one qe... more people in-bound to this team

Concentrating on the "worse" area.  We are not one of them.  Be mindful of 
performance anyway.

Alias will be opening up...  Place to discuss performance generally.

> 2. Engineering update
>    * Recent merges to trunk
>      annotation model/JPA model/Matisse APIs

See the wiki for details. Meeting tomorrow for planning, etc. More info pending 
for wider audience after the meeting

>      Schliemann/Javascript/CSS/RHTML

Went in last Friday.  stand-alone and embedded

>    * M9 planned features
>      Web project import improvements

integrated... freeform is getting attention

>      JPA refactoring

not ready for ms9

>      More JPA editor checks

not commiting...

>      Sun Appserver multiview config editor

front end... not ready. integrating infrastructure

>      Resource definition implementation for Sun Appserver

some integrated now. send a heads up on some hard-coded values coming from projects

>      Possibly driver deployment for Sun Appserver

may come in.

>      New UI for Use Database

hope to commit tomorrow.

Patch for WebLogic 10 support: may make it in.


User visible feature focused...

>    * M9 end game schedule
>      Feature Freeze on Wed, 18-Apr


low resistance bug fix week

>      High Resistance starts on Tue, 24-April
>      M9 branch on Thu, 26-Apr
>    * M9 showstoppers
>      see attached P1 list

May 4 is the release for the bits to be on the JavaOne floor

Show stoppers discussed.

> 3. QE update

no other update

> 4. HIE update

not rep'ed

> 5. Docs update

not rep'ed

> Status report:
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