> Java EE i-team meeting on September 16, 8am California time, 5pm 
> Prague time.
> Agenda:
> 1. Passdown

Schedule update... not exactly worked out yet.
 tentative: high resistance four weeks later...  but two weeks shorter.

Some Web/Java EE areas have been fallow.  This stuff is moving to the 
UML team.

UML going to stable update center... not actively developed.

DD and EJB stuff is a candidate for this migration.

Not fleshed out plan.

David K will be in the US next week.

> 2. NetBeans 6.5 schedule update
> 3. Bug status
> 19 P2s (-4), 11 
> unevaluated
> 7 P2s (+2), 5 
> unevaluated
> 6 P2s (-2), 2 
> unevaluated
> 11 P2s (+2), 5 
> unevaluated
> 8 P2s (+1), 0 
> unevaluated

Web/Java EE is starting to get ahead of the inbound rate.

Other areas are keeping up with their inbound rate.

Make sure you evaluate p3's to make sure there isn't a surprise release 
stopper in there....

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