> Java EE i-team meeting on Oct 16, 8am California time, 5pm Prague time.

Phone attendees: Rochelle, Peter W, Vince
In the room: Erno, Honza H, Ken, Petr P, Tomasz, Andrei, David, Tomas M, Petr H, Marek, Milan

> Agenda:
> 1. Passdown

Nothing really.

Petr J in Santa Clara M,F. Ops review.

> 2. Beta 2 status

There are some P2s.

Raising 118884 to get into Beta 2 branch

> 3. Last mile to FCS

Starting to track unevaluated p3s.

Pick and choose p3 issues to resolve... based on difficulty and user benefit.

> 4. P1 and P2 bug status (attached)
> 5. Open mike

Blueprints plans? Vince to check on agreed action plan and status.

> ------------------------------------------------------------------------
> 117802  P2     mfukala    [60cat] JSP error highlighting is wrong with EL expressions
> 111546  P2     mfukala    Syntax error from scriptlets in embedded languages
> 118683  P2     mfukala    JSP and HTML folding is disabled
> 118603  P2     nityad     Unable to deploy EAR to SJSAS 9.1 because of .svn folder?
> 118884  P2     pcw        NullPointerException at o.n....WebServiceMetadataReader.filterInvalidServices
> 112247  P2     tslota     Java objects declared in included JSP fragments are not visible
> 113282  P2     tslota     Scriptlet editing features don't work correctly in JSP tag files
> 118615  P2     tslota     umbrella issue for JSP/HTML Formatting problems
> 118164  P2     vkraemer   Runtime error when using Web Module deployment
> 117464  P2     vkraemer   0110: profile web-project in GF cluster setup
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