> Java EE i-team meeting on July 15, 8am California time, 5pm Prague time.

Attendees: Vince, Shreedhar, Petr J, Jeff, Milan, Rochelle, Marek, Tomasz, Erno, Petr H, Ken

> Agenda:
> 1. Passdown
>   - Last Friday's all hands

Slides sent.

RIF... done in the US and Prague.  Other places may not be "completed" yet.

Tools org had limited exposure. xDesign exposed. Woodstock was reorganized... reporting /focus change.

Orgchart summary.

>   - Schedule for 6.5

feature freeze: most of the IDE. PHP and GF plugin

Beta branch created: Aug 4.

high resistance for FCS: Sept 15

FCS: Oct 15

We have used some of the "padding" that was in the original schedule.

Feature Freeze != UI Freeze....
  bug in UI are fixable...

>   - Visitors last week (Python, PHP)

PHP QE met PHP dev...

discussed Python support...
  nbpython to get some Sun staffing.  Two folks.
  functional plugin for update center in the 6.5 FCS time frame.

> 2. Feature freeze status

GF plugin status -
JRuby debugging is at risk.  most other parts are on-track

V3 bits are still in flux.

PHP - still plugging away.

>   - New and Noteworthy document

Start to fill this in.

> 3. Bug status

fix and evaluate to FCS

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